Doing Church Differently


We Are The Church

While we are all asked to physically distance ourselves, we want to socially stay close!  During this time we will have to "do church" differently.  The building is not the church His people are, so no matter if we gather together or separately we are still one big church family.

What Will This Look Like?

As fluid as the pandemic situation is, so we will have to be with our plans.   We will try to communicate with you the best we can what we are doing.  We will post on our App, on Facebook and here.   Here is what we are planning now:

Sunday Morning - 10 am

Join Us Starting at 9:30

We will be live streaming starting at 9:30 am on Facebook.  Please join us there or HERE!  

We will still post the audio of the sermon on our website.  You can watch or listen to both anytime after Sunday.

Coffee & Chat Time Starts at 9:30 am on Sundays

Some might say that the best part of Sunday Service is the coffee visiting time before and after the service!  We want to still have that as best we can.  We are starting the live streaming 30 minutes before church starts so we can "talk" in the comments.  Unlike "regular" church, we can even keep talking during the sermon - they can't see it!  You will have to make your own coffee - and cookies!

Praise & Worship

We will still start our service with a shortened time of singing.  It may be led by someone - or we may play worship videos.  We know singing is a great way to start a worship service.  As The Gospel Coalition says, " There’s no escaping the fact that singing is a vital form of praise. Many Scriptures (particularly the psalms) bear this out. Not only do they link praise directly with singing, but they also frequently speak of the vertical and horizontal dimensions of praise, adoration, and declaration, in virtually the same breath."


Raising Kids To Follow God

 We want to help parents raise kids who love God and love others.  Join our Facebook Group -we have weekly videos and questions that you can use whenever you want - not just on Sunday mornings.  Plus the Group is a safe place where we can talk and grow together as we raise our kids to know the love and grace of Jesus. 

Through The Week Together

You Version Bible

Marco Polo Discussion

Marco Polo Discussion


We will be doing Youversion Bible Reading Plans together.  If you don't enjoy the one we are one - start one with a new group!

Marco Polo Discussion

Marco Polo Discussion

Marco Polo Discussion


Marco Polo is a free piece of communication software that lets you send private video clips to anyone you want.  Each week we will have a new "starter question".  Get the app and join the conversation!

Pray Together

Marco Polo Discussion

Pray Together


Hopefully, we have all been praying during  this pandemic, but we want to try using the "Praying" part of the You Version Bible App

Stay In Touch With Each Other

Let's try to stay connected with each other!  Phone, text, Facebook Messenger, Snap Chat or how ever you prefer to communicate - do it with people.  If you do not have a number for someone but would like it, please call  or text Pastor Dave at 780-293-3833.

Show Us What Your "Church" Looks like!

Please email or upload photos of what your viewing part looks like!  Are you watching in your bed? In your living room? By yourself? With your family?  Email or

Good Friday & Easter

Good Friday

Sunday School Video

Easter Sunday


Join us Friday, April 10 at 10:30 am as the Alliance Church, Community Church and River of Hope experience Good Friday together.  We will be livestreaming here and on Facebook

We will have communion "together" so if you want to make your own, here are some recipes (juice and crackers are OK too):



Easter Sunday

Sunday School Video

Easter Sunday


Join us Sunday, April 12 at 10 am for our Easter Celebration.   We will be livestreaming here and on Facebook.

Sunday School Video

Sunday School Video

Sunday School Video


Sunday School parents, we are looking for your help to create a special video for Easter morning!  Check out this link with the details.